Vegetarian and vegan cuisine


Welcome to La Casa Viva Ruzafa, a sustainable place in the middle of the big city where you can enjoy a complete experience.

The space is differentiated by the abundant living vegetation that inhabits it, where the variety of colors and the dim lights mix to give way to the enjoyment of all the senses.

The entire restoration of the furniture combines the old with the new, giving it a vintage style that, intertwined with the feng sui technique, brings a balance to the whole.

Each corner stands out for having its own history with artistic brushstrokes, from the variety of lamps, musical instruments, handcrafted wooden mosaics or even a train from the time of our grandparents, going through some old bed bases that hang from the ceiling.

The bar has a special attraction, when passing by its curves you are captivated by its curves, its simulation of the waves of the sea invites you to slide your hand over it and the fine and worked touch of the ecological plaster with which it is built gives you unexpectedly a very nice feeling.

It also has an outdoor terrace and two indoor gardens with typical Mediterranean vegetation. You can enjoy our food in the shade of two olive trees that will accompany you during your stay, as well as a great variety of ferns, rosemary, bougainvillea and a vine.

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We look forward to your visit at La Casa Viva Ruzafa (in the heart of the city). We have great experience and passion for our trade and this is how we show it to clients.