Breakfast Menu (Thursday to Monday)

From 9:00 to 12:30

These are La Casa Viva’s healthy Brunches, a variety of original homemade recipes created to satisfy the needs of conscious palates. VEGAN WAFFLES AND CREPES, GLUTEN FREE AND SUGAR FREE, without a doubt a pleasure for lovers of both sweet and savory who like to combine delicious flavors without giving up a healthy lifestyle.

Classics with a twist

  • Toast with homemade tomato sauce & turmeric 2€

    either with rustic bread or charcoal bread

  • Toast with homemade jam 2,5€

    either with rustic bread or charcoal bread

  • Toast with vegan butter & homemade jam 3€

    either with rustic bread or charcoal bread

  • Toast with peanut butter, banana & rice molasses 3,5€

    either with rustic bread or charcoal bread

  • Slice of vegan spanish tortilla 3,95€

  • Wrap 100% broccoli 7,5€

    stuffed with homemade vegetable ratatouille, vegan cheese & sprouts

For the most DARE

If you don’t settle for conventional tostadas,
we offer you some more elaborate ones with the possibility
to combine them with the base that you like the most.

Step 1: choose your base

  • Charcoal bread 1,50€

  • Savory waffle 2,50€

  • Savoury crêpe 2,50€

    made with buckwheat, rice & turmeric

Step 2: choose your favorite option

  • Hortelana +3,50€

    Homemade carrot pâté, cucumber, carrots and sprouts

  • Toma 3 +4€

    Homemade sun-dried tomatoes pâté, onion, cherry tomatoes, rocket & our homemade tomato sauce with turmeric

  • Despiste +4,50€

    Homemade vegetable ratatouille, goat cheese & rocket 4,50€ +poached egg +1€

  • Despiste vegano +6€

    Homemade vegetable ratatouille, vegan pumpkin cheese & rocket 6€ +vegan egg made with pumpkin & rice +1€

  • Serena +5,50€

    Homemade vegan cheese pâté, raspberries, dehydrated berries and sprouts

  • Atenea +5,50€

    Homemade green olives pâté, goat cheese, tomatoes, chives and sprouts 5,50€ (with vegan pumpkin cheese +1€) penyagolosa. Homemade tomato sauce with turmeric, vegan ham, mozzarella di búfala cheese, rocket & pistachios

If yours is SWEET

If sweet is more what you’re looking for we can offer you a delicious selection of our homemade products:
they are vegan, gluten-free and sweetened only with rice molasses,
coconut sugar or xilitol. Choose your perfect combination

Step 1: choose your base:

  • Sweet waffle with buckweat, almond & chestnut flour 4€

  • Sweet crêpe with buckweat, quinoa & rice 4€
  • Flor de waffle with amaranth & banana with subtle hints of coconut 5€
  • Flor de waffle de chocolate with amaranth, banana & buckweat 5€
  • Pumkin waffle with hazelnuts 5,5€

Step 2: choose your toppings:

  • Organic tahini +0,65€

  • Homemade vegan chocolate spread +1€

  • Apple sauce +0,65€
  • Banana +0,5€
  • Strawberries +1€
  • Soy whipped cream +1€

  • Homemade vegan dulce de leche +1€

  • Rice molasses with cinammon +0,5€
  • Homemade orange marmalade +0,5€
  • Homemade mixed berries jam +0,5€
  • ice cream +2,5€

    belgian chocolate ,mantecado ,blueberries, passion fruit, vanilla-cardamom or mango

100% NATURAL juices and smoothies

Let yourself be surprised by our new, unique and original, healthy and tasty homemade recipes, without additives or preservatives.


  • Valenciano 3€

    fresh orange juice

  • Granalina 4,5€

    apple, organic pomegranate juice & lime

  • Bosque silvestre 4,5€

    mixed berries, apple & lemon

  • Negra noche 4,5€

    cucumber, apple, lemon, celery, mint & activated charcoal

  • Caperucita 4,75€

    beetroot, apple, carrot & celery

  • Elegancia tropical 4,75€

    passion fruit, orange & ginger


  • Reina mora 4,5€

    pear, blackberries & organic rice milk

  • Bosque tropical 4,5€

    banana, mixed berries, organic coconut milk & rice molasses

  • Baloo maní 4,75€

    banana, peanut butter, organic rice milk, oat flakes & rice molasses

  • Coquiña 4,75€

    pineapple, organic coconut rice, rice molasses & lime

  • Abeja baya 4,75€

    banana, mixed berries, pollen & orange

  • Cacao mental 4,75€

    belgian chocolate, organic rice milk and oat flakes