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  • La casa viva salad 9,75€

    Assorted lettuces, capers, homemade olives, carrot, cucumber, beet, radish, sauerkraut, corn, avocado, goat cheese, homemade tomato sauce, black sesame, balsamic oil and apple syrup.

  • Quinoa salad 11,75€

    Assorted lettuces, steamed quinoa, smoked tofu, capers, homemade olives, radish, carrot, cucumber, beet, sauerkraut, corn, avocado, homemade tomato sauce, black sesame, apple syrup and balsamic oil.

  • Shiitake mushrooms carpaccio 10,75€

    Organic sprouts, shiitake mushrooms, parmesan flakes, pistachios, berries, truffle oil and balsamic oil.

Main dishes

  • Risotto 14,25€

    Brown rice with porcini, shiitake mushrooms, vegetables and truffle oil

  • Ravioli with boletus mushrooms filling 12,50€

    With beetroot sauce, parmesan cheese and truffle Vegan cheese +1€

  • Ravioli with pear filling 12€

    Robiola, grana padano and taleggio cheese with apple sauce, kuzu and goat cheese .

  • Yuviolis 16,50€

    Homemade yuca raviolis with different fillings: vegan sobrasada, vegan cheese and vegan ham, asparagus and onion, vegan pesto, tofu and parsnip. Served with beetroot sauce and truffle oil .

  • Pappardelle 13,25€

    Whole grain spelt flour and basil, with fresh shiitake, parmesan and oat cream with kuzu . Vegan cheese +1,50€

  • Tagliatelle 9,50€

    Egg pasta with organic tomato sauce and parmesan cheese .

  • Vegetable burger 12,25€

    With homemade tomato sauce, zucchini, onion and mixed lettuce served with yuca strips on the side .

  • Black rice "Prihibido" (Sivaris) 13,75€

    Baked rice with vegetables and tofunesa


  • Lasagna with vegan cheese +1,50€

  • Gluten-free lasagna +1,50€

    With yuca and beetroot layers

  • Mushrooms lasagna 12,50€

    Mushrooms and millet cream, wheat layers, homemade pisto with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, provolone and parmesan cheese .

  • Pumpkin lasagna 12,50€

    Pumpkin cream, wheat layers, homemade pisto with mixed vegetables, mushrooms, provolone and parmesan cheese .

  • Macrovegan pumpkin lasagna 14€

    Pumpkin cream, yuca layers with beetroot, gluten-free oat cream with shiitakes and cashew nuts, mushrooms and vegan cheese .

  • Chard lasagna 13,50€

    With garlic scapes, wheat layers, rice bechamel sauce, raisins, pine nuts and parmesan cheese .

  • Broccoli lasagna 13,75€

    Broccoli cream, leek, tofu, portobello mushrooms, yuca layers and gorgonzola cheese.


Choose a base for your pizza from our varied selection of homemade corn flour, wheat and spelt pizza bases or our gluten-free options, depending on your nutritional requirements and choose one of the options with the toppings to create your pizza:

Bases to choose from:

  • Thin pizza of flaky texture
  • Thick pizza with spelt and corn flour 
  • Pink pizza with flaky texture: splet and corn flour with beetroot +1,25€
  • Black pizza with activated charcoal +1,25€
  • Yuca pizza +2€
  • Buckwheat pizza +2,5

Toppings to choose from:


Organic ice cream

  • Mantecado ice cream 6€

  • Belgian chocolate ice cream 6€

Vegan organic ice cream

  • Blueberries ice cream 6,25€

    With wild berries

  • Vanilla and cardamom ice cream 625€

    With raisins and pistachos

  • Passion fruit ice cream 6,25€

    With banana

  • Mango ice cream 6,25€