After many years of experience in vegetarian cuisine and being pioneers in Spain in recycling and green building, we decided to put all our knowledge into creating a vegetarian and vegan restaurant. Thus, in 2014 the first La Casa Viva restaurant was born in Tavernes de la Valldigna, with the purpose of contributing our grain of sand on the path to sustainability and change towards a healthier lifestyle.

Respect for the environment and for the body itself were the bases on which we developed this project. Thanks to the good reception of those who today we already consider part of the family, we managed to open another place in the heart of Ruzafa, a neighborhood of Valencia where more and more people share our thoughts.

La Casa Viva’s mission is to satisfy conscious palates, those who believe that it is possible to enjoy delicious food without giving up the needs of our body to stay healthy and balanced. For this reason, every day we strive to create new unique, unique and original dishes, without additives or preservatives, from 100% natural ingredients and organic products, in order to delight the senses and achieve a pleasant digestion.

At La Casa Viva we wanted to go one step further, so our stores have been created under the 3 “Rs” of sustainability (reduce, recycle and reuse) in order to minimize environmental impact. For this we have used all our years of experience in the field of recycling and bio-construction to create a space where all the furniture has been restored by ourselves, using ecological materials, without toxic products for the environment and the body.

In addition, we are aware of how a smile or a few beautiful words can make a difference, so we always base our service on warmth and closeness to our customers, because our mission is not only to offer a service but to offer a complete experience where everything whoever comes to visit us will leave wanting to return.

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